Thursday, 6 September 2012

Because muddy children are happy children!

That is what the imps said when I asked them why they would go and do this -
And these words are not unfamiliar, they are mine and I totally believe in them, so I could hardly argue could I?!  License for mess!  But a cold hosing down in the middle of the garden put them off, only temporarily though.  I hope they fondly remember the days they were allowed to stomp and clomp about in the mud, then the mess and the hassle of cleaning them up will have been worth it.  I wasn't so pleased to discover that they'd been making silly soup out of all the baby tomatos that I've been hopefully watching grow through the crazy weather of the last few months.  They got a one day garden ban for the amount of carnage that ensued that day s and when the next day turned out to be balmy I decided a garden ban on such a day was a little harsh.  I suggested that they could only come outside if they helped me get the garden looking more ship shape.  So began a deliciously nourishing day of teamwork, cooperation and good vibrations.

Here's to always finding muddy children on the back doorstep!
Mama X

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