Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Yesterday I sat with a grin smile on my face as I watched Gaia on her second nursery settle session.  She has an old soul, she must have been here and done this many times before.  It isn't just confidence she exudes, it's an aura of peace, contentment and  delight in the world and it reels others in fast.

The ease with which she talks to the children and teachers already there, her comfort in her new surroundings and joining a new community of small people, seeing her sitting at the snack table, joining in as if she'd been there all year.  I felt, not like a spare part, but as a fly on the wall.  This is heart warming stuff indeed.

I learn so much from peeking into their separate worlds like this, I only wish I had more opportunity to do so with Zander as he - like a lot of kids his age, isn't very forthcoming with information about what he fills his days with - 'nothing' or 'just played' are his usual responses, perhaps I need to chose a different time to ask my questions and show interest.  One of the mums at school suggested the next morning is better when minds are refreshed and gearing up rather than winding down.  There is an end of year tea party for Zanders year next week to celebrate and meet next years teachers. I do love that the school are so hot on community gatherings it really strengthens the extended school family.

I think menfolk miss out on some precious moments - generally working full time not being able to take these peaks through our children's little windows at these transitional times.  They are nourishing, re assuring  and you get to see glimpses of their individual light.

We saw the Olympic torch run in to town on saturday night.  We only just made it and perhaps not surprisingly the kids weren't that bothered.  Quote of the week goes to Zander again.... sunday morning we recapped the significance of what we'd seen - 'Ewan Thomas was carrying the torch last night' .... 'No it wasn't me'  Zander said ... 'no I know it was Ewan Thomas' said dad ... 'It wasn't me and Thomas' said Zander again ... much laughter as we realised he thought we meant 'you an' Thomas' ... damn that Luton lilt and the dropping of T's.

Sunday the kids and I enjoyed a sunset bike ride through the meadows and along the river.  Again I count myself super blessed living in Cambridge where countryside meets metropolitan living so intimately.

I've been a'witching in the kitchen again this week.  I have so many strawberries in the garden I've decided to turn them into Jam as unfortunately it turns out woodlice like them too and for some reason we have armies of them in the strawberry patch  consuming them quicker than we can.  Still not happy with Delia's jam recipe though ... why does mine never set the way she says it should?

Gaia and I happily experimented with Marmalade and chocolate cake which is way too easy and cheap to make.  Great store cupboard recipe and totally yummy although twas a little dry as my oven is more ferocious than most.  It's a recipe to spend glutinous hours tinkering with though.

Trying to find time to put my crafty hat on.  Idle hours sitting beside a bathing girl are ideal so  I've belatedly started on Gaia's birthday bunting, in fact I might just fancy adorning the whole house and garden with the stuff.  I have plans for patchwork quilts for each imp made from old baby clothes and the likes.  I ought to get started before they are too old to appreciate them.

Last day of the last crazy run of nights before we go away to Lorraine's chalet in Mundsley again at the end of term.  I can't wait ... 11 days off work, 11 whole nights in which to sleep!  Space to re-energise.  Daily sundances are required though as I'm not finding this monsoon season very agreeable, it cannot go on in to the summer holidays fo' sho'!  Starting to collate summer holiday ideas .... I'm thinking of keeping a couple of rugs and a grab-bags just full of general picnic supplies in the car in case we have a gorgeous day and can quickly make a dash for the coast or the forest leaving little planning and only food to sort.

Mostly I'm just excited that I will have more quality time with my little boy.  He's looking tired these last few weeks. 

love and light x x x

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