Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I'm struggling with behaviour I thought was typical of teenagers only it's taking centre stage in my three and five year old's show...

... it's SO unfair ...

                               ... double unfair ...

                                                                ... I HATE you ...

                                                                                               ... why do I have to do all this work ... (?!)

makes me think of that Harry Enfield character Kevin.  But why so soon?  It's tiring listening to it and trying to deal with it, like having my brain grated!  It's becoming a habit and Zander doesn't even have to think before such lines spill from his lips.  There is stropping and bickering but then interludes when they play fantastically together.  Some times I think it's great they were born so close together and have each other on a level for play and other times I wish there had been longer between them so their collective energy isn't quite so explosive.

I hope the current friction is just due to the changing dynamics since the summer holidays began.  After a week of this I suddenly realised Gaia is jealous she doesn't have my undivided attention anymore and Zander is suffering from adjusting to a more gentle pace compared to the over stimulation they receive in school.  So I realised if i try and keep out of their arguments but remind them they are playmates not adversaries with any luck we might all be getting along soon enough to enjoy the holidays more wholly.

It also came to me last night that Zander is adjusting to a much less structured environment again and needs me to show him where the boundaries are.  Last night as they were charging about like bulls in china shops and after me yelling that's enough slow down umpteen times I grabbed him on his way past and stuffed him in next to me on the sofa, where he happily sat and chilled.

And as for me I'm trying to keep in mind and embody the qualities of mountains and lakes in all this - to stand strong through the changing seasons of parenthood, not letting the choppy surface effect the calm under current.

Love and light X


  1. I hear you. Good on you for keeping light and positive with it, I've been struggling and not coping so well but I think we've turned a bit of a corner... hurray! x

    1. here's to both of us ploughing through it then, just another phase and they roll in one after another like the tide hey? X