Thursday, 19 July 2012

Schools out!

First year done and dusted, that is madness!  This time last year my heart was breaking every time I thought of Zander going off to school, now, well it's second nature and it hasn't been bad.

What to do with two spring loaded imps over the next six weeks then, that is the question ...

... breaking it down ....

It turns out we booked ended the school holidays quite unintentionally with two of our own. We are off to Mundseley for a week tomorrow so it's sundance central here with the promise of it's blue flag beaches and impressive sea view beer gardens. The kiddiwinks were so excited that they started packing this morning at six ... giving me chance to snooze on a bit and shed the nigthshift weariness.  With his counting skills Zander was able to gather seven of everything though I'm yet to check the sock situation!  I'm so excited that I have eleven nights off work, eleven whole nights in which to sleep, proper recharging time.

Then over august bank holiday weekend we are off to Shambala festival, defecting from Secret Garden Party for something more floaty and fluffy I hope.  So that just leaves four weeks in the middle that need to be fun filled to distract all our inner imps.  I think I can do this.

We have got off to a good start by scampering off to the woods as usual today but it was so  refreshing to involve Zander where normally it would just be Gaia and I.  The myriad different things the two of them noticed and developed in play - we were squelching through mud, trip trapping over bridges, tracking, feeding the resident family of swans, map reading and fire building.  The fire was for the squirrels - Gaia announced she wanted to build a squirrel burn which didn't sound very nice but she just wanted to leave a campfire for them it turned out!  LOVE. 

Already I feel like little reconnection's with the boy are happening.  He's been tired, I've been silly tired and so maybe its not surprising that we have become disconnected over the last nine months.  Returning to our pre-school life is a good reality check and though night shifts are definitely moving out of my life ASAP at least taking that job gave me freedom in the school holidays.

 squirrel burn!

Come rain or shine I foresee lots of time in the woods if nothing else, what is there not to look forward to then!

Much love and light x x x

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