Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Strawberry hatters and mellow yellow

Impermanence is a fact of life, everything is changeable -  and the weather has been no exception of late, honestly it's getting  bit long in the tooth, I crave months of teasing warmth and tickling sunbeams.  There have been some pepperings of sunshine over a mainly gloomy June and people are no longer complacent about the sun anymore never knowing when it might next favour our hemisphere.  So when it does sheepishly appear it casts instant spells of summers magic on faces everywhere, smiles re-appear and frowns pack up and take vacation.  At the first sign of a fine day mamas everywhere are reaching for picnic rugs, suncream and provisions, then a mass exodus to parks and woods and other pretty spacious spots can be observed.  Even without such preparations we have stolen cheeky interludes of magic.  My favourite diffusion tactic for when things start getting frenetic in the house, usually right after dinner, is to grab bikes, prams, scooters and head down to the mellow yellow meadows ...

Balmy stay-at-home-mama picnics ...

And Strawberry Fair, that most essential of local annual events!  I've found with kids in tow you can't always predict the success of the day but I find the general rule is - happy children =  happy parents.  Sometimes it takes a little work to get the kids spirits exactly where I want them, ideally in alignment with our own party loving souls.  I want a finger in every pie on days like this - I want to kick back and have a drink and a laugh with old friends, I want to satisfy the kids needs, mostly I want to dance  and whip whoever else is around me into a festival frenzy and occasionally I get to let my former party self out of her box too.  If those were the aims of the long weekend just gone then it is surely a case of mission accomplished.

Rockin' the hatter look ...


Gaia, what a little minx, charmed everyone in her path - most notably Megan who serenaded us with her grooves and moves and who Gaia found the confidence to totter up to after she finished her set and say 'I really liked your singing, you are really good'!  Her cool confidence is just awe inspiring and makes my soul grin.

She's unstoppable.  She coaxed this small one on to the dance floor too whilst I coaxed the boy from his shy wishful shell.

This lady with her feather duster thingumy-bob was such a sport.  I love when the kids experience the freedom a festival permits all of us, older and younger.  They experience a freer way of interacting within a Community, this is what life should be about and there i go again ... the dreaded 'C' word!

There was virtually no call for the kids area except the bouncy castle.  They were happy partying with us mostly, getting off on our vibe.

Cousins have hung out some more as the kids and I stayed over and I took to the helm of Fiona's ship for an afternoon and evening.  I became holiday housewife, only difference being I was just trying to keep house and order (?) in someone elses house as her and Steve had some very rare time off together.  Funny how when you remove yourself from your own home situation it is a holiday even if the 'work' is the same.  I love to make myself at home in familiar kitchens, best of all my sisters and how curious I find it that washing up seems not at all a chore when the crockery is not my own.  
This imp was so excited about the sleep over that she changed into pyjamas the instant we arrived ... lunch time!  The others all followed suit after a romp around in the rain. 

And it's a pat on the back moment when you find all four kids voluntarily, independently reading on the sofa together.  We done good sis!

Here is a place of happiness ...

listening to the pretty birds - and there is one in particular whose song is far sweeter and more melodious than them all.  He's there singin in the morning and singin in the evening, sitting on the same tree.

So, still regularly sun dancing and hoping.

Love and blessings little ones x

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