Friday, 1 June 2012

She's three

So my smallest imp turned three.  The little lady G is growing up and she is very definitely three.  She's not a toddler anymore but a little girl.  Leggy and beautiful, confident and clever, funny and tender, feisty and strong.  What else could a mother hope for in a daughter?  I'm blessed with both a sensitive little boy and a confident little girl: if they carry these traits into their futures with them it will bring me much peace.

Peace was the order of her day actually.  Twas the first birthday she's ever had where Zander hasn't been at home with us to add colour to the birthday riot so the restful atmosphere took me by surprise.  We curled up and watched a movie together, we shared a birthday  bubble bath and had an indoor picnic.  We took her new scooter out for a spin and we even gathered the first rather-late-to-blossom elderflowers of the year and made the first batch of elderflower cordial.  You just know summer has arrived when this particular ritual takes place and it felt super special that it happened on her birthday!

I am now completely convinced Uncle Alex is psychic.  Without fail he times his call to perfection as if he's always exactly with us in spirit when the larger family is gathered together.  This girl loves her uncle and she loves her cats.  It should be noted here that this year she, or should I say we, have gone Hello Kitty mad!  Everything is Hello Kitty - the scooter, the sun hat, the hair brush, the beads, the dresses, the leggings, the handmade teddy.  I never thought I'd warm to brands but each imp has found their own quite sweetly.

I thought I had a moment where I felt a natural and extenuated knowing of what it is to be female at her age, a feeling that demystifies things where perhaps I don't have this innate knowledge of my little boy. A re-membering.  But on second thoughts how different are girls and boys at this age really? Would I do well to consider perhaps my boy isn't so different after all? I may not be able to play battles and lego with as much gusto as he or I would like but perhaps his spirit yearns the same way and for the same things as hers.

We had a little gathering of friends the day after ...

but I'm not sure I got the whole gathering thing right this year for either of them.  Introducing structure didn't seem to work for Zander and his friends but the absence of it seemed chaotic on Gaia's day.  Our gatherings are always a real mixture of folk and ages but I am adamant that it is important to have significant families with us at each of these special times regardless of weather everyone knows each other or weather the kids are at the same school in the same year.  I'd rather those who we truly cherish were standing with us at these thresholds than us doing things the way everyone else does and feeling like something was missing.  I'm yet to crack the winning formula, it's something I'll chew over the next twelve months, I'm still learning, they are still teaching me.

There is one thing though that is sure to bring out the best in us as a little unit and makes an occasion 100% in my eyes, a fire.  It took some perseverance to get this one going but it fostered that magic vibe which quickly took hold of Zander and saw him gathering logs, twigs and long grasses for a stage and props and then he scurried off to find the felt mouse I made last year.  He is my little story teller.  We relaxed in make-believe until dusk and went to bed happy happy happy.

Like her brother she is keen for another birthday right away but me - I'm not, I like them just the way they are for now.  It's the old adage I hear pass so many mama's lips  - if I could only freeze time here that would be perfect.

Happy birthday baby girl!  You are a love!  And completely adoreable.

Peace and blessings x


  1. Happy birthday! Such a lovely post, looks like you had a lovely time. It's so important to make the most of their birthdays as they grow up so fast. Making them as special as this is a lovely way to celebrate. xx

  2. When my older son was three, the best thing about it was that, when you asked him his age, he'd say, "FWeee!!!" Hoping "fweee" is a glorious year for you and your little one...