Friday, 29 June 2012

There are NO ordinary moments

One of my favourite books from when I was a young woman setting foot into the world by herself reminded me of this just yesterday. A day of meditation retreat on saturday left me recharged and thirsty for literary inspiration. Scouring my book shelves I procrastinated a while with the cyniscm of age over Way Of A Peaceful Warrior. I wondered if my young whimsy was the real reason I loved it so much back then. Never the less I began. After a couple of chapters a flame inside me licked at my soul and I was suprised at what I found. The entire subject matter of this book is the concept and practice of mindfulness. Though I had sensed something profound about it as a teenager I haven't in my searching since associated it with mindfulness, I never joined those dots. Now at 30 with life experience on my side I have a degree of understanding of this concept I did not have then - and I actually understand the profound.

The words within it's pages mean a whole lot more to me now, they make a whole lot more sense, this time around I can really apply them to my life instead of just being blown away by a new-to-me heady concept. It was really helpful to read about mindfulness in the form of a novel/memoir and I am reasured that this path is a journey, one with no percieved end, one where the only way is practice and all I can or need do is keep practicing. And practice I have, fresher, happier.

Our week has been full of no ordinary moments ...

Gaia has been asking to go to the buddhist centre with me so yesterday we stopped by for a cup of tea, a lovely moment just her and me. We had a lesson in mortality as we said good-bye to a dead cat wrapped in a blanket she couldn't help noticing on the step outside. She thought it was sleeping sweetly tucked up, but it was sleeping for good, they had moved it from the road early that morning.

On the way to bounce-around on wedneday Gaia kicked off her shoes and started dancing on the warm dewy grass. She begged that I join her and so we danced in each others shadows, a glorious piece of here and now.

first time without stabilisers, flying like the wind ...

There is simply something about her smile here ... just something ...

Yoga bears.  I stuck my yoga DVD on to keep them busy whilst I meditated in relative peace.  It worked, points to me!

First sports day!  One very proud, nearly very teary mama!...

She seems to enjoy a whole calendula flower for snack time!

So, what is the time?  NOW.  Where am I?  HERE.  I'll do well to keep reminding myself of this.

Love and sunshine X X X


  1. How lovely to have a Buddhist centre so nearby, and how lovely to have rediscovered a book that means so much more with older eyes. I love your extraordinary day to day moments. So precious!

    1. Thank you Claire, yes I think I might have to revist a few of the bokos I read at the saem time back then ... I obviously forsaw a need to own them even if the reason wasn't quite apparant! Much love x

  2. Looks like you've had an amazing week. Lovely to read. I'll have to have a look at the book you mentioned as i'm very tempted to read it. Kelly xx

    1. It is a wonderful book Kelly, I was so hooked and had forgotten so much of it that I couldn't put it down and despite juggling work and mummy duties I finished it in three or four days! I deffinitly recommend it. There is another he wrote actually from the same period of his life that I never read, think perhaps that might be the next read :) X