Monday, 28 May 2012

Wild and free

Yes, run wild run free little ones - forget reality. 

My Mum and Dad used to regale us with tales of their childhoods - days off with friends romping through the countryside and riding horses over Dartmoor parent free - doesn't it sound just wonderful?  Slightly swallows and amazons?  It sounds wild and free and what every child dreams of.  But we don't let our children do those things these days certainly not without us as partial chaperons.  The wild isn't as accessible to our little ones, nor safe if un-supervised to a certain extent.  Society has so much to do with it and so does the population explosion where countryside is vanishing silently under concrete and mortar.

But every once in a while magic happens.

Magic happened this weekend and I have goose bumps just remembering.  Mother nature blessed the occasion and the most glorious day unfolded in celebration of our most treasured friend.  Three clans gathered under clear-but-for-one-white-fluffy-cloud denim skies and mostly messed about on the river, romped, skipped and giggled through meadows of buttercups and clover and picnicked on the most heavenly spread imaginable. 

The children tasted wilderness and freedom, they tasted independent fun, they tasted friendship and a coming together of energies.  And an announcement that 'this is the happiest day of my life' did just drift over to our grown up ears on the rivers reviving breeze.  Timeless, yes.  Perfect, yes.  One of life's most treasureable and memorable, undoubtedly!

See, see here ...

older ones reassured the younger more nervous ones despite only just having met ... I think my heart might have missed a beat ...

 anyone for tea?

Has grass ever seemed so bouncy, so soft, so lush that rugs were abandoned in favour of the cool green carpet already there?

Peaking at their moments of freedom across the meadow through the zoom lense, what pure joy.  So Little House on the Prairie watching them run then fall into the soft long green meadow.

mama moments

The boy who was so nervous when we set off, by the end was a natural helmsman and fully ordained into boat life.

 There really aren't many words to describe the bubble of perfection that was Saturday, watching the little ones spirits at play and most importantly treating this lady like a queen.  Hearts and souls were deeply nourished, memories etched so deep, one of those inaudible booms of energy rippled through the universe and a whole lotta love flowed over each of our cups.

Blessings and happy birthday friend X X X

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  1. wow what an amazing day and what beautiful photographs. lovely!