Friday, 18 May 2012

Whole lotta happy

There's a whole lotta happy in my heart this morning.

A post night shift high isn't hard to conjure up when biking home  these are the views soaking into my mind eyes ...

Nor when the children let me have 20 minutes meditating time in the warmest, most rejuvenating mint and cucumber bath without trying to kill each other, not even once!

Washed, refreshed and dressed in summer threads I come down to a room full of nag champa instantly transporting me back ten years, add to the mix an equally vintage album - this time Thievery Corporation: Mirror Conspiracy and I'm smiling from the inside out!

Joining me on  my happy wave the kiddiwinks whispered sweet nothings in each others ears

I just caught these almost inaudible whisperings - Zander to Gaia: 'I love you with all my heart and every bit of my soul' Choke!

An  hour of games and many cups of rooibos firmed up the tone of the day, then off to town we went to prepare for daddy's birthday tomorrow.  As ever, facing that most perennial of problems ... what to buy menfolk for their birthdays without being samey and predictable!

And just to prove I can still rock the house with two itchy poppets and night shift head some moments of bliss from their week of rest and re cooperation...

Chicken pox has in fact turned out to be the most convenient of illnesses because they haven't lost their spirits.  The insatiable itching has been cured by the miracle of oat and chickweed baths - mother nature I bow to you once more and the what-to-do-with-their-spirits-still-high ... well mother nature sorted that too didn't she.  A little sunshine and a break in the persistent rain meant we tramped down the tow path through meadows and climbed fallen trees, frolicked in the woods, had a fire in the back garden and visited a little local farm.

Happy friday!

Love and stuff x x x


  1. Beautiful post and photos! Very inspiring. xx

  2. Why thank you Kelly, thankyou for reading. Much love X X X