Friday, 11 May 2012

Really nearly five!

So much to do and not nearly enough time with all the birthdays approaching amongst night shifts and catching up on missed sleep.  And paradoxically I don't feel like doing anything I need to.  But now I have my last night shift for this week out of the way with relief I've stepped into crazy-birthday-mama-mode.  I like this mode much better.  Scurrying hither and thither gathering in supplies and making final preparations.  I packed Zander off to school today with 30 fairy cakes to share with his class mates and have just knocked up another batch for the close family gathering we are having tomorrow.  I enjoy the hype as much as they do I think, after all it is his birthday but it's also the anniversary of my birth-day and I firmly believe a mama should celebrate and be celebrated too, it was no mean feat bringing him into this world!

Both Cliff and I are slightly full of sighs ....  not wanting time to have romped by quite as quickly as it has.  How can he be five already?

I have tried to ground myself in simple joys this week as I have felt a bit one step forwards and two steps back with the whole mindful way of life thing.  

Simple things like chocolate monsters .... 

and a new camera to take pictures with. It's red, I like!

Just wanderin' and sittin' and listenin' to the birds in the woods with my girl ...

 A new washing machine, much needed.

The sweet enchanting melody's of Lou Rhodes.

Getting greasy whilst reattaching kiddy seats to my bike.  I do love getting greasy and dirty!

Feeling the air on my face as I use peddle power for the first time in three months ...and gratitude to Cliff for hitting the relevant bits of the frame hard with a hammer to fix it.

The first glimpse of Glastonbury Tor as my sister and I turned onto tiny Somerset lanes last weekend.  Tis as exciting and as much of a competition for me as 'first one to see the sea' by the coast.

Post night shift rituals ... hunkering down on the sofa under blankets to watch pokemon with the kiddiwinks, Cliff cooking beans on toast for our tea and sleeping, yes sleeping, in my bed.

Bircher museli .... only healthy if eaten in moderation I think!

Juicing... and revisiting the belief 'my body is a temple' ... they go hand in hand actually.  Last time I consciously believed this was when I was pregnant with lady G.  I accidentally did a week long juice detox last week a veritable inside spring clean!  I gained more presence in my bodymind and elevation in my energy levels so I've decided to set aside a day for juice detoxing every week and maintain a healthier attitude to food - more raw foods, less stodgy goodness.  Healthy body healthy mind don't they say?

So, it is five years to the day since I started feeling my first contractions, five years to the day since Cliff took me bowling to cure cabin fever, five years to the day that I didn't sleep a wink due to the wildlife in the loft and five years to the day since we were just the two of us!

Love and blessings X X X

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  1. We're thinking similar thoughts lovely...have been thinking raw food too this week and how I can move towards thinking my body is my temple too! Another gorgeous post, your writing always grounds me x x