Friday, 27 April 2012

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My camera is broken, so I hauled out the loom and am weaving pictures with words once again.
Tis funny, though I love photographing my kiddiwinks it does remove me from the actual moment a little - especially if I'm snapping away like crazy because the delay on the camera seemingly always misses me my moment so more shots means more chance of capturing what I want.  I've gained a little more presence in each moment, each day without the camera this last fortnight.  Always good to unplug for a while and plug back into the moment.

Lots of little things have been making me a happy mama, lots of things I've noticed this last week ...

Forget-me-nots, oh forget-me-nots ... how I love your particular shade of blue, tis the best it's true!

Time - I banish you to the hallway!  The clock has only just been reinstated since it fell off the wall about a month ago.  And this time it's in the most unintrusive place I could find so that I can't keep checking it and instead I can let moments be moments without giving them a number.  I really like this way of approaching time - life opens up some more, less rushed, less expected, less watched.

Organised chaos ... Cliff has commented on how disorganised I am relative to when we first met.  Back then it was just me - I was 19 and didn't carry a lot of stuff with me from place to place.  Then there was him and me and it was nice to 'keep house' in a relationship that seemed like it was going to last some.  Then we had kids and I learnt quickly that I was never going to be able to keep on top of it like before, then I lost the desire to and now I can safely say I have no desire to 'organise' a house of four people and two long haired malty cats what so ever.  I am content to bubble along on the organised chaos setting - the sewing bags in the under stairs cupboard are a mess but I'm happy to search each one for what I need each time.  The toy baskets are not organised by type anymore ... it can all go in the same basket for now who cares if it's animal person or vehicle!  The kitchen work top isn't clear ... this is one area I very much love when it is clear but I can deal with tins and jars of bitty bobs propping it up, I can go to bed without having to tidy it and the sky will not fall down if I go two weeks without mopping the floors.  I'm happy that I'm happy this way now.  Free's up time for playing games with the kiddiwinks, running, baths, wine, poetry, sleep and other such life enriching stuff!

Thrift thou art still so satisfying!  ... this month my eyes are on stalks for birthday presents seeing as everyone who is anyone has a birthday this month.  Both kids, Cliff, my best friend, other friends, my dad ...

Carefree like only a child can be ...  why do I so frequently forget to be this ... in Wales I ran through a bitter cold sea getting my clothes wet, feet cramping in the cold but loving it all the same.  But we got back to the flat lands we call home and I forgot again. I need my kids to remind me with bike rides through the meadows and along the river when it is teaming down with rain and though at first I'd rather not have, I answered their calls of 'come oooon lets go!' Tuesday night we had some intense April showers and eventually I thought to myself how awesome that they want to be active and outside in spite of the rain.  And their gratitude for me being out with them in such weather was humbling and warming.  After 20 minutes and in a moment of idyllic perfection the clouds broke, denim blue sky emerged, the sun shone and left us a rainbow ... happy endings! 

Celebrate even the smallest achievements ... is it different with the second child? Gaia has been drawing people!  But when did this start?  With a chalk drawing on the pavement, then a small drawing of daddy that got smudged in squash then more often and with accurate perspective, but I seem to have been far more casual about it than when Zander started showing his skills, we didn't make quite such a song and dance of it.  She was quite casual herself but without my one on one attention and one man cheering squad maybe she doesn't know how great she is for reaching this mile stone.  I need to celebrate them more I decided.  And looking at Zanders most recent pictures they have all of a sudden taken on a more detailed, varied, accurate, thought out look ... where and when did he hone those skills?  What inspired him?!

BIG family days - another fine feast at my sisters house on Saturday - everyone reunited a week after we got back from Wales and with a few additions of extended family.  So nice to be together again, I miss the vibe a big gathering of tribe has. My sister and her husband are so good at hosting that I've shied away from it.  But have resolved that I will put on some Sunday lunches for the bigger family starting very soon.   I also sometimes wonder if people will enjoy meat free food as we're the only vegetarians in the broader family but I thought good food, wine and company is a hit whatever right?  So I'm going to buy a pasta machine and do Sundays old skool stylee .... drying racks tumbling with tagliatelle like we remember from childhood and now where can I procure an episode of Little House On The Prairie for a complete blast from the past?!

So happy musings.

Blessings X X X

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