Thursday, 5 April 2012




Daddy stayed home from the gym this Sunday - something both him and I talked about realising how little time we all spend together at the weekends.  Time that could open up to day trips, park trips or hanging out in the garden.  I love that he has a hobby and keeping fit is so important to him but when he does it every day and is too exhausted to do anything else with us at the weekends after a session - we end up going off on trips out just the three of us.  Well, it's time for some shaking up and rearranging of rhythms.
This weekend he stayed home on Sunday and it was a family day.  This week specifically - garden day.  Outrageous march sunshine hailed more digging, clearing, making, fixing and fires!  Zander was in there like a bullet 'doing work' as he put it with Dad, learning how to be a little man, passing screws, digging a little then building a wooden tee pee town.  That's quality time gained!  

Cliff taught me how to make my own kindling and he put a compost bin together for me - he knows how excited that makes me .... it's the little things!

Clockwork liberation:

The clock fell off the wall yesterday, I dislodged it, the battery escaped and we don't have any more so for 48 hours now I've not been incessantly checking the time.  Well at first I did and I didn't realise how frequently I look up to check; how am I doing? what can I get done? what have I not got done? how long till? are we late?  I feel liberated without it there, albeit probably only temporarily and checking my phone for the time occasionally when we have made arrangements to be somewhere seems much less intrusive, I don't feel so put upon by time, so watched and expected.  But interestingly the kids can't stand not having it there.  Though Zander is only just learning to tell the time and Gaia is merely interested she got really stressed this morning when she looked up and couldn't guess what the hands were telling hers.  After 30 years earthside I like non-time but for my babies it's still a novelty and a reference point especially with so many exciting things happening during the holidays.

10 days-in-the-making:

Herman The German Friendship Cake arrived on my doorstep in the hands of my dearest friend on Saturday morning ... at the moment he is a sourdough starter in a bowl which I am dutifully tending to every day.  It's mostly stirring but yesterday I added ingredients for the first time and realised that Herman will have to come on holiday with us on Friday if he is to stay alive.  If he stops bubbling he will die!  If I put him in the fridge he will die! warned the instructions.  He is a ten-day-in-the-making cake mix and then I am to split him into four the last day and give three away baking the fourth and thus keeping the cake chain alive.  I like the act of tending to, paying attention to - being mindful of something specific everyday.  Although I never take friendship for granted it is a beautiful reminder of the  essence of friendship and the attention we pay as we build our closest friendships.  So  Herman will come on holiday!


Twas a day of sunbeams, sisters and cousins yesterday and like mischeivous sprites we hyped the kiddiwinks up about our forthcoming holiday to Wales.  I admit to feeling a little like a small child who has excited butterflies flitting about inside now too, tee hee! (does a little dance) 


And Zander started riding a bike without stabilisers - children are so quick to learn, they hit the ground running once an idea is planted or a new skill sown, it was only last week we started cycling out onto the common with stabilisers for the first time.

Love the way this girly imps around prancing like a lizard on burning hot sand, even along these beams ...

So life is still good and though the sun went on holiday today whilst rain stood in I am glad for the garden which was looking severely parched - specially the veg patch.

Holidays a-hoy, doing a little sundance!

Love and blessings x

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  1. sounds like a lovely few days! And i hope you have a joyful few more with the easter holidays! Yay the holidays!