Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sweet Equinox

Twas a mighty oak of a day that started as humble acorn.  I love these days, spontaneous, relaxing and nourishingly beautiful.

It started with an hour long soak in the tub with Gaia.  If I don't get this post night shift I feel disjointed and ungrounded.  She is after all my water babe.

Then a circle of mothers and daughters gathered in our house.  Gaia and I, dear Lucy and baby Sophie and Anna and Dolly - who was the sweetest of spring fairies!  With each of us contributing to the table there was indeed a feast after all.  Anna's raw chocolate brownies were un-real.  Sumptuously satisfying, they will be my very next culinary experiment.  Brownies that are no baking faff, no sugar and good for you?  Win Win! 

Gathering in the name of spring and mother earth, no ritual required, just coming together with a common purpose is enough.  We marked the day, it nodded back.

Then after school, a fire with the boy who is always chief picnic gatherer.  Lucky we had leftovers from lunch!

Enchanted by shadows.

My soul danced as my heart played it's gypsy fiddle.

 Writing wishes for the fire.  I began to explain that whilst we may write one for ourselves we must write one for someone else we know and one for the world as a whole.  Then the smoke from the fire takes our wishes through the sky to the stars.  And so begins some family folklore.  He believes.

Father sky will not let us forget the duality of nature, of life.  He delivered too with an auspicious and stunning astronomical alignment which I chanced upon  gathering in the washing after dark the previous night.  Not only the slender crescent of the new moon hanging in the dark prussian blue sky but Venus and Jupiter one directly beneath the other.  Venus, a beacon, beaming oh so bright, Jupiter fainter for it's greater distance from us but the alignment as plain as day.  Last night I showed the boy.  They have been in Taurus - a sign ruled by Venus - the planet of love.  Apparently Venus shows us what we are attracted to and with Taurus this is the earth and nature.  I can relate to that, so can my kids.  Taurus wants to be rooted and grounded ... funny the boy, who is a Taurus, has found a  plateau the last few days, since mothers day, seemingly he is more grounded, I would say in his element.  I wonder.  Jupiter is the planet of the teacher so this is a time to be learning, moving forwards with existing projects, delving into new ones maybe.  So my garden, my mindfulness, some midwifery journals maybe.

To end the day the kids bundled into my bed for stories.  Gaia imped about as Zander and I drifted into dreamland in each others arms, ah chamomile you work every time!

Blessings X

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