Thursday, 1 March 2012

Of country parks and cafe culture.

This bright orb, giver of gentle warmth and happy light
- though licking the vast expanse of darkness out there furiously. 
Picks out individual polished diamonds from the lake, the lady holds them up
they catch the light and the corners of our mouths turn skywards.

I have to remind myself it's only the first day of March for it could easily be early summer out there, really it could.  I welcome this early sunshine, this early warmth tickling and teasing begging us to lounge in the garden.  And what sweet joy it is to be hanging washing out to dry a mere month after it snowed so heavily.  Last autumn was so hot and so prolonged that it is as if winter was the shadow of a passing cloud.  This worries me in an evironmental sense, these are not the typical seasons we knew as children - it is obvious our world, our childrens world is changing. 

I never tire of photographing her here, she's perfect, the backdrop is perfect and for the last few weeks the weather has been perfect too...

I love our Thursday mornings catching up with friends in the country park - Gaia allowing me to join her in her familiar rhythm and as one mama observed this morning educating the little ones in cafe culture, Mama's chat and together children play - what better way to start the day!

Spring love and sunshine x

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  1. looks like a lovely day - I keep reminding myself it's only March too - the weather has been so lovely!! I love the sunshine ;)