Monday, 12 March 2012

A Life Most Ordinary

There is nothing extraordinary about my life, though of course life itself is innately extra-ordinary.  Still I have the desire to record and share our ordinary adventures even when there are no frilly metaphors or underlying themes of inspiration.

Things have been more settled this week.

New dimension ... A cupboard full of new games  has given us hours of quality time together. It has solved many of the problems with boredom and I realise now that of course boredom breeds the challenging behaviour we sometimes battle with.  An epiphany is always nice, if a little tardy in revealing itself! 

... chessquito, especially, has had little synapses firing.  Trust the french to come up with a training version of chess.  It's so manageable, wonderfully tactile, beautifully crafted and Zander is so into it.  He's shown an interest in full chess before but the board full of pieces and rules has been obviously overwhelming and frustrating for him.  This should do the trick!

 ... Fun with sums ... Gaia's favourite this week. She does simple counting and the boy does simple sums, which he tells me they've not started doing at school - one nil to Mama, he's gonna be cooking on gas when they are introduced in the classroom!

I'm seriously getting such a kick out of their fondness of these games, especially where developing logic, problem solving or learning is involved.  There's a home educator inside of me somewhere I just know it. 

I've re-arranged the rhythm ... early tea time rocks.  So does simple meals.  I've really stuck at it this week.  The evening elongates, there's more time for me to focus on the  little ones, more quality time - give them longer baths, play more games, read more stories and have Zander read his school books more often.  The pace is much more nurturing.

It's a week for sticking at things; I'm jumping back on the meditation express.  It's good for me, I know it, it shouldn't be hard to find the time. 

We stuck at Zanders reward chart for the second week ... It has actually had a positive impact on his attitude and behaviour.  5 categories, one star for each at the end of the day if it has 'mostly' been achieved.

This weeks were
say please and thank you
do as I am asked/told
be nice to Gaia
keep my room tidy
do my school reading

Sunday's reward was to go to Kids A.M at the cinema. 

Bittersweet this mamahood thang though ... after said cinema treat, behaviour and attitude took a nose dive.  So this week, whilst we are sticking with those categories I'm stretching the targets for rewards, more stars are required.

And nature, she never fails.  Eternal inspiration and sanctuary.  We walked the long way round on Thursday.

Always some worry involved in this job though.  Dreams.  How can we know what's inside their little minds?  Last night a real nightmare came a knocking on Zanders door... he dreamt he kicked his sister down the stairs and she died.  He said we held her, him and me.  He still had the pictures in his head after school and was overly keen to know where she was and how she was.  He told her he loved her even more often than he usually does.
What can you do?  except reassure and love them tenderly?  I casually suggested we have dreams to learn things - like how much we love people and how we wouldn't want to be without them.  Perhaps a lesson in being careful, safe, tender and even how to protect our dearest.  It makes me uncomfortable to think he's in anguish at night.  It gets me in my gut even writing this now.

There are always many other pockets of joy, this week they have most deffinitly been ...

baking baking baking

digging digging digging

buying myself new sparkly teal fingerless gloves ... my hands are thirty too and chap till they are sore in the cold.

drinking with old friends in the pub on Saturday night

ploughmans sandwiches

oh and falling in love with a punky pair of mid-calf DM boots ... it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when!  Never fallen for a pair of boots so badly, never really fall for shoes at all.

blossom!  what's that in the tree mama?!  Gaia exclaimed.

What are they birds singing 'bout?  They're singing about spring my darling...

Here's to a pleasant happy week.

Blessings x


  1. I enjoyed reading about your very beautiful 'ordinary' week - gorgeous! x

  2. Thank you ladies, ordinary is beautiful and extra-ordinary in it's own way right? Much love x

  3. Loved your beautiful descriptions of your "ordinary" week. It sounds like it was a good one. Training chess? I think I should get my hands on that!

    1. Although I got it in a charity shop I've looked it up online since - you can get it wuite a few places, it's so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, much love x

  4. Beautiful post.
    So much goodness!