Monday, 6 February 2012

She sleeps a little longer

... spring that is, though I do dream that one day Gaia might also.  As Demeter continues her search for lost Persephone she shrouds our world in unmoving white winter until she is found.  The cheery daffodils and spring wands on my table do seem a little premature in light of the snow drifts that greeted us on Sunday morning.

What magic, what comforting stillness. What joy to be heard 'Oh my goodness, oh my word!' piped the voices of my small ones as they looked out upon the shrouds of white. Their ripe imaginations whirred and clicked into gear and they excitedly chattered as they dressed making plans to get out there and build snowmen that would surely come to life by night.  If only their belief alone could have made that possible.

They wanted one snowman representing each of the family but my skills and cold toes only stretched to a single pretty standard looking snowman. 

My spirit was no less for cold toes though, for I can't remember the last time I built a snowman.  Here's a chance - a second chance at childhood, it is there for our taking if we dare.  We forget so much of that abandon and timeless free spirit, let us not feel the cold through our older toes and thinner skin let us only think of our one present purpose.

I welcome the unexpected guest of enforced hibernation with an innate urge to embrace the hearth and home element within my being.  I quickly knocked up a loaf of bread - my first and possibly only foray into Gluten free cooking.  We had suspected Cliff would be diagnosed a Coeliac but it wasn't so.  I still have half a bag of gluten free flour in my cupboard that I will not let waste.  The result of my baking was a loaf that could have been part cake, part regular bread, part Italian rice cake. Different but tasty and worries of feeling stuffed cast aside knowing there was no heavy gluten lurking within it's temptation.  Still nothing like a fresh loaf of real bread ... wheat in all her glory.

Saturday was no less cold but we were free to roam through mother nature at Zanders request.  Gaia would rather we had not but my heart did a little dance as Zander proposed confidently that a picnic on the common should be the order of the day.  Dear sweet boy, my cold toes and thin skin wouldn't quite tolerate a picnic in this weather but a frog march along Devils Dyke followed by lunch at Grandma's?  I can facilitate that my son, quite gladly and somehow I ignored with patience my girls remonstrative strop.

Is he not dreamy?

Otherworldly ice polyps mysteriously emerged from the ground. 

Swathes of long inexplicable icicles hung pendulous from bare branches too.

Jack frost left his elaborate signature ...

 ... to protect us from the goblins didn't you know.  If you haven't seen or read this gorgeous tale to your little ones then you most definitely should ...

And there are all the other things that have warmed my winter heart ...

Chilli & Mint tea

Bed, oh how I appreciate and love you so much more now I can no longer spend every night in your soft cradle.

Poetry, still my happy muse.

Enjoying garden juices with my girl

Post night shift bake off

And the way my kids always return from my sisters house calling me by my full given name, Rosemary.

That is all for now.

Blessings x


  1. The ice pictures are amazing. My little guy would be really excited if he saw ice like that, right now he is making do with a layer of ice in his sand and water table lol. No snow here.

    1. I think a farmer must have left a hose flowing into a trough for sheep that normally graze there ... still very mysterious that it should all have formed the way it did. Love lifes little mysteries, I'm happy pretending that ice martians landed that night instead ;0)


  2. Wow...what amazing photo's :)
    Oh and yes, Zander is such a dreamy, beautiful boy as his sister is such an angel too xx

  3. Wow, those ice formations are amazing! Your photos are always so lovely, such a joy to read your posts.
    Much love
    Gina xxx