Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Letting us off

So I ponder and wonder ... why is the day after the night shift before so chilled and a little bit non-time like?  I let us off having a schedule and we run on holiday time with holiday spirit in the knowing that my reserves are somewhat depleted.  There is almost a celebratory air about our casual proceedings ...  I'm home! hooray! I'm back in the nest where I belong!  I feel slightly invincible.

Celebratory, as in having a cheeky baked Camembert for lunch...

As in lots of tea drinking, a whole heap of chain-tea-drinking, chain-chai-tea-drinking! 

As in enthusiastic bake offs. 

As in the urge to drink a glass of wine when I get back in from work - the only thing stopping me is the clock - I can't be drinking wine at 8 in the morning night shift or no!

As in the hour long soak in a hot bubbly tub with my girl round about midday, tea parties in the bath...

As in the mother daughter yoga sessions...

As in settling down in front of a tear-jerking Disney movie. 

Or woodland capers - the kids totally unaware of their flagging mama, who herself - rejuvenated by natures breath has forgotten she's not slept. 

Then there's the moment when I pour that much lusted after glass of wine and two glasses later drift and doze in red wine slumber, snuggled under blankets on the sofa with my bairns. 

See, there is a certain strange something about the day-after-the-night-shift-before, it has to be said.  Weird huh?  I'd like to live every day a little more as if it were the day after the night shift before, let myself off structure and schedule and replace with a more arbitrary balance.  It feels so good to simply drift on life's tide, being, living.

There are some things that have warmed my yawning, stretching heart this week ...

The hoards of blue tits, sparrows and robins visiting our bird feeders and gettin' fat on my home made bird seed and peanut butter cakes.

My boys significant leap in reading ability - he looks at words and knows what they are, not always having to spell them out.

Running - feeling totally at one with my body as our feet pound the pavement, our breath comes even and confident as we press on through stitches, snowy meadows along the frozen river.

The threading theme...

natures stillness ...

 loving the skirt spilling out from under Buzz Lightyears's space suit...

This walk ...

Whispering Beech gold

'It's like jewellery mummy' Zander said of this glassy ice.

She moved her collection of creatures and props from space to space, blissfully happy to arrange, dismantle and re-arrange.

Zander was on mushroom watch this morning, he discovered these.

The children are like dogs I've decided.  They need walking daily, twice preferably otherwise all that boundless energy knows not where to go.

With it being half term here I need to step up a gear with secret plans and clever tricks to keep their minds and bodies occupied.  School is so hyper-stimulating for Zander that he doesn't know what to do with himself if he's at home for longer than a weekend where our pace is somewhat softer. 

Here's to a good one.  And to one more hard week of night shifts before a less frenetic second half of the month.

Blessings X


  1. I feel myself slowing down just reading this. Such a mindful approach to the twighlight zone that is the day after a night shift. I know that chain tea drinking so well (says she already on her 3rd cup - lol) Enjoy your half tern with your loves xxx

    1. Of course, you've been a night shift working mama too. It would be totally hideous if I couldn't take a positive view on it, so why not make it a celebration, any excuse for tea! Much love x x x

  2. **smile**
    Lovely post, hun.
    Mmm now I fancy a cuppa. ;-)

    (and oh yes I so agree about kids being like dogs, lol)

    1. a childless friend used to say to me 'well if I can manage a dog I can manage a child, how hard can it be?' - whilst I disagree with and almost resent that statement, there are these few similarities! X

  3. Sounds like the night shifts have a rainbow at the end of it. What lovely days.

    1. The thought of them is the worst bit, then there's the tiredness whilst working them but as the shift draws to a close it's all superfluous. When I get home, forgotten. X

  4. Such lovely photos again Rose ;)
    I am in awe of your ability to work a nights shift and then spend the day awake, I don't think i would be able to do that at all!
    Much Love
    Gina xxx