Thursday, 12 January 2012

We got wheels!

I did it, six days before my thirtieth birthday and I damn well did it - I passed my driving test.  My second one but who cares, what a fabulous present to mark the start of a new decade - freedom, wheels, Mama's rollin now!  And thank you to Cliff for making it all possible.

So since Tuesday I've mostly been cruising with the kids with a rye little smile on my face that I check out every so often in the rear view - just checkin' it really is me at the wheel.  And happily, without anyone there to tell me what to do or be there if I make a boo boo I'm sharper, less dithery, way more confident and decisive.  You know what, I'm empowered.   My inaugural 'big' trip, 60 miles round, to my sisters was what really filled me with joy driving through sleepy hollows, just rocking up on her drive, way out in the country where there are fields for miles around and all you can hear are the minions of birds traversing her hedgerows.  I made it there on my own tank of fuel, no longer in need of a chauffeur and yes, there has been much day dreaming of possible day trips.

A car kinda conflicts with some of my environmental ideals I usually bike everywhere, but hey I'm thirty, I've been biking about for a long old time now and with Zander five this year and Gaia three they are not a light load.  My body has always adjusted to the challenge of their growth spurts and I do love the feeling of being out in the fresh air on my bike with them.  But my car will not be frivolously used, no sirree.  Hell it'll be a relief not have to drag everyone food shopping, those mornings where little jack frost has been making merry will not end in floods of tears as we pull up to our destination on the bike, I can order those big items from outta town on ebay and pick them up and I can go on road trips to farther flung corners of our country that I've had all planned out for years. 

Though I sympathise with old ways we do have to embrace some things that blow our way in the wind.  Like computer games and tv - I'm done apologising about those things, they exist, in our house - yes - shock horror!  And they are regulated but there is plenty more stimuli and inspiration that my children don't grow up thinking they are the be all and end all of entertainment.  My car journeys will balance out with other things that fill our lives, including bike rides after all it's quicker than sitting in traffic at rush hour.  But the world is now my oyster, and honey - you won't see me for dust!

There is need to prove I exist apparently!  Not enough photo's of me and my bairns according to friends, as I'm always behind the camera ... I promise, I do exist!  So there will be shameless self portraits from now on, actually I quite like them

All that is left to be done now is finalise outfits (yes plural!) for birthday weekend, make many sparkly rainbow fairy cakes and open another bottle of fizz (not the last either)!

Bring it on, I'm ready!

Blessings X


  1. Congratulations Rose! I remember the feeling of passing my (3rd!) test at the grand age of 23 (everyone I knew did it first time when they were 17), woohoo for you, enjoy that bottle of fizz!! :) x

  2. Congratulations. I know how hard it can be when you are past that blase youth stage (my husband has been taking lessons for ever and still doesn't feel ready). Lovely photo's too, of you and the little babes lol.

  3. Valerie it felt like for ever the ten months I'd been taking lessons and Carly in the test centre I felt so old - the others waiting for their tests looked about 12 years old, surely they shouldn't even be in cars?! I felt like a proper grown up driving to and from work yesterday/today. weird but lovely.
    love to you both x