Monday, 23 January 2012

This is why

Days like Sunday are what make it all worth while. Things just started flowing, naturally and unobstructed. The children led and I gladly followed smiling deep into their faces - happy that these things do happen.
Zander led us into a home ed session - we spent the entire morning studying space. It started with a floor puzzle ....

Then the first encyclopedia of space came out. He wanted to read each and every page, twice.

All of this was done from the nest he made himself from a cardboard crate from the supermarket and many cushions and blankets. He declared a pyjama day from the off!

Then we drew things we had learnt about. He was so earnest to learn and discuss. I love these interludes.

Then Gaia demanded a trip to the woods. At first Zander declined due to his pyjama day status but quickly decided it best he come, and I quote 'in case you have any fun'. And we did ...

Such a welcome novelty to jump in the car rather than enduring a bitter half hour bike ride across a windy fen.

Picking up familiar rhythms in familar space.  Setting story stages and telling tales with but a few props from home ...

This one was 'The mouse, the dinosaur and the dragon fly'

Always in love with mother nature ...

Then there were the nature documentaries which Zander seems to prefer infinitely more when he's weary than any movie from our selection. His earnest fascination warmed my heart as he related facts to me as I cooked the roast ... the five tailed bat was an interesting one (!) but then once again we drew what we'd learnt about. I think this a great way of embedding information in little minds ...

so we have quite a few fact sheets building up ... space, animals, what is to be next?

It was an idyll of a day, how you imagine it will be like before you have kids. You have to grab these days with both hands, throw your heart into them and treasure them once they are done, they aren't all like this but hopefully they will become more frequent.

Other things warming my January heart ...

Fresh juices, in a bid to balance out the winter glutony!

My girl is 'baby wearing' ...

In fact there is a cat theme!

And birthday dinners complete with well kept secret surprises (how many other kinds of surprise are there?!) from dear friends - this one was a trip to the theatre to see Balletboyz, who were awesome! Check them out The theatre is always proper soul nourishing stuff, like the large green salads we'd just eaten in Giraffe and the element of surprise made it all the more surreal. Big warm thankful happy hugs to Lima and Kate and to Cliff who was secret squirrel and babysitter.

So one happy mama here.

Blessings and hopes for a similarly happy week.



  1. What a great weekend! I absolutely love the ladybird photo, gorgeous! x

  2. Such gorgeous photos. I love days like those too, they balance out the not so great days and you are right, you need to throw yourself into the wholeheartedly. Your blog is lovely :)
    Gina xx

  3. Where did you get the Space puzzle from? It is really lovely.
    Gina x

  4. Okay, I've been here way to long and I really need to get up and go get dressed before my kiddos wake up...haha!

    I love how much you love those babies and how you are all loving on our earth. Such a beautiful journey, I am really glad I found you:))) ~ Barefoot Mama

  5. What a wonderful weekend. Those are the kinds that make truly special memories. Thank you for sharing it with us. xx

  6. As always, such a joy to glimpse your family life xx

  7. Ladybirds were hybernating everywhere - in amoungst ivy berries -anywhere they could find!
    Gina the floor puzzle was a present but came from The Works book shop.
    Barefoot mama hello there!
    Blessings EVERYONE x x x