Thursday, 26 January 2012


Yes, it's my new favourite film, my new favourite kids film.  Rapunzel happened to be my favourite fairytale when I was a little girl.  I loved the romance of it and it turns out I still do.  Here I bashfully hold my hand up with a rye smile on my face and say ... I cried, Disney made me cry, twice! ... at the end when Eugine told Rapunzel she was his new dream and she requited it through tragic tears and my tears kept on rollin' as she was reunited with her parents; then my heart ached a little and I was gone building castles in the air. 

Am I going soft in my old age?  Do you turn thirty then get all emotional over stuff you never did before? 

It has become quite apparent that I miss whimsical, youthful daydreaming .  It was only the other day that I dug out my very old photocopy of The Lady Of Shallot by Tennyson and I dug it out consciously hankering after some proper literary romance.  The little girl in me, maybe even the young woman too, longs for romantic Arthurian tales of damsels, tragedy, love and sometimes a brave and lofty knight to boot.  Then Shakespeare came a callin' as I fished around for my much annotated school days copy of  A Midsummer Nights Dream - the original rom-com!  And you know I can't wait until Gaia is old enough for me to read the entire series of Anne Of Green Gables to her as my mother did me.

I've always been a daydreamer but when I started living my current dream ... the dream of motherhood there was suddenly no space for the ethereal imaginings of a maiden.  Now I am mother and my head is full of practical memos like school dates, work rota's, myriad recipe possibilities for tonight's dinner, the kids needs and how I'd like that Ta-Da list to look by tonight. 
When I sat breast feeding Zander in those early Mama days I read volume upon volume of fantasy literature which made the transition into a more routine driven life softer.

Now I'm tired; I work nights, I run a house and I bring my two kids up by day.  I cook, I clean, I tidy, I wash.  Interludes of time for myself I tend to try and fill my tank up with yoga and meditation but to keep the balance and my fire of imagination burning I have poetry on my bedside table and a book for writing my own.

I just moved my print of Waterhouse's Lady Of Shallot to a more prominent place on the stairwell and now I gaze in reverie upon her every time I walk up and down the stairs still asking myself the same questions ... who is she? what is she thinking? how did she come to be cursed?  There's room for more - more prints I mean - Ophelia, Lamia, Flora and Rose ... all the damsels he painted wearing those gorgeous gowns and far away expressions.  I want my girl to gaze upon these pictures, ask her own questions and day dream throughout her girlish years too.


I think I will equally enjoy indulging my boy in legends and  tales of noble knights and battles of kingdoms fought ... these are his Utopia's.  He truly treasures his anthology of tales of Knights and dragons, never tires of them.   I look forward to researching the Arthurian legends in more detail with him as they fascinate me though I know little of them presently.

As far as juggling daydreaming and mindfulness goes, I think balance is required and given my hectic Mama life there probably isn't enough time for the balance to tip too far in daydreaming's favour.  A little whimsy here and there is cool, it's got to be good, keeps us young, therapy.  Life gets boring as romance slips away so I resolve to spend more time away with the faeries in a healthy-sort-of-a-way again, I miss them so!  After all this is literature and art, it's culture not fanciful longings for what is not at present.  It's original escapism and therefor quite legitimate!  I don't need to justify it to myself ... but I think I just did.

And I've always got good old Disney if I don't have time to separate the maiden and the mother in me.  We can get lost in fairy tales together, I needn't dream alone anymore it's something I can share with them now, with those sweet little ones in my life whose imagination is a big blank canvas waiting, just waiting, how exciting! 

Blessings and love x x x


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and offering up kind words during our sadness. So much support from friends, and it has been wonderful!

    I love finding new blogs from Mommas like you! Looking forward to "getting to know you".

    1. Well thank you for stopping by here too. The wealth of inspiration that dwells in blogs from other mamas from all four corners of the globe has truley stunned me in the last year or so ... my ideas of what it is to be a mother, a woman even and balance that with other life stuff have become so much fuller thanks to those I know online. Love your writing, will keep stopping by ;0) X

  2. Lovely - and thank you for sharing these beautiful images too. It is good to connect with the maiden in us, isn't it. I am loving reading all these tales to James, but they have so much more meaning to me now too. I think it is because we are looking back as mothers and we know ...
    Last Sunday evening, I pulled Anne of green gables from the shelf (looking for a different book) and I sat and read it from cover to cover. I had never read it since i was 13, but it spoke to me so much more now than then. xxx

    1. Another Anne Of Green Gables reader :) I was so young and naive when my mum read them all to me, I loved them, sounds like reading them as a mama brings another facet to them ... can't wait to pull one out, perhaps waiting till Gaia is old enough is too long ... much love X

  3. It's definitely good and yes, I agree that it keeps you young. I refuse to give up my romantic poetry and novels just because I am married and a mama. I want to imagine Mr and Mrs Darcy are coming over for tea or Anne Shirley has asked me to come to her next book signing and Jane Eyre moved in next door ALL while I'm doing laundry. Those wild daydreams help me make the mundane house choirs fun:))
    Keep Daydreaming ....... Sending love your way, Brooke

    1. I see I'm far from daydreaming on my own lovely mamas! XXX