Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mama worked a night shift, quick everybody out!

I need plans for the day after a night shift, otherwise I feel spaced out, abnormal and awfully out of sync with everyone else.

Saturday was a truly beautiful day.  Zander rushed about thoughtfully packing a picnic of berries, rice cakes and satsumas and they donned snowsuits as we headed over to the Botanic Gardens.  I spite of the January chill in the air and a sky that didn't seem to know what it was doing we risked it, my heart is glad we did, come see ....

Adventuring through tall bamboo forests...


 Scampering up 'mountains'. This Mama forgot you can visit so many corners of the world, myriad different environments in this one beautiful place.

 We warmed up in the hothouse

She sits upon her woodland throne. 

  Whilst big brother collects woodland offerings.

He said it was Master Yoda's seat.

We made camp under this magnificent Redwood and lolled in her scooping branches. 

Zander collected fire wood whilst Gaia found a nook, filled it with pine cones and made it her own. 

 My boy relaxing by his 'fire' in natures cradle.

 It brought out the best in all of us.  I forgot I'd not slept and Zander forgot his argumentative streak.  They didn't want to leave but with dusk approaching we hastened home, rosy cheeked, hearts a glowing. 

Blessings X


  1. What a lovely day. We have a botanical garden 5 minutes away from our house and I have been dithering about buying an annual family pass (instead of paying each time we go). You have encouraged me to think about it again lol.

  2. Deffinitly worth it Valerie, I should get one too we go enough for it to pay for itself. Botanic Gardens are the best whatever the weather and because the kids only have little legs we haven't (in the four years I've had them) explored half of it yet there are bits I'm dying to get to when they take those paths.


  3. I remember that spaced out night shift feeling - you look very fresh Rose - getting outside is just the best if you can. I love all the photos - but my favourite is Gaia's determined look in the 4th one. My - she means business!

  4. What beautiful photos, well done for getting out, I'm struggling to have the get up and go just lately.
    New year blessings to you :) xx

  5. You worked the night shift too then Jacqui? In the hours leading up and during it I think I must be mad, but when I get home to the family I forget instantly.
    Blessings to you and to you too Sue