Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summer catch up

I have not found the time for writing of late, but I have found enough time to grab my camera and capture some of those moments to cherish and so here I will share them.  The hour is late so I'll leave reflextions and ponderings for another time...

This boy, this dreamy boy of mine brought me this gift home the other day.  My heart did a thousand summersaults as he told me he'd found a heart shaped stone for me.  This is the most valuable treasure I have ever owned.  Now I have it nestled inside one of my old pointe shoes which hang from my bed post.

An impromptu picnic - good call Daddy! 


And another picnic happened the next day at the botanic gardens with dear friends, memories were carved in hearts forever to paraphrase that dear friend.

 check her spidey moves out!

Loving that this fallen tree has been left where it is as a place to sit by the river and for little bears to clamber up and over, in and out.  This was the root end once upon a time but now, the perfect nook for my girl.

Loving these curtains as a back drop, loving our girl even more!

Loving picnic lunches and bed time stories at the tipi.

Gotta love mother nature!

Things that have warmed my heart recently;
Charity shops! Clothes, games, puzzles, nick naks for the kids play kitchen.  All for pence not pounds!  Why is it I forget so easily what treasures can be found nestled in the corners of charity shops.  I came home laden with new things and spent virtually nothing - these are shopping trips we can afford.  Re-use re-cycle, it's all good.

But in total contrast ... wholefood shops ... I should not be allowed near them with my credit card especially when hungry!  Nice though the feeling of eating and drinking fresh handmade and local produce is, my bank account is feeling a little hungry as a result.  Three shops in as many days and I overspent in each, bad mummy.  I don't do it often, so maybe once in a while I just have to get it out of my system, in style, done now.

Poetry, writing it.  You know you're on to a good one when within 5 mins you've scribbled it down for the most part on the back of your kids school prospectus because thats all that was beside the bed when the inspiration came.  And so, a new tab to this blog perhaps might be born ...

Hope.  Hope springs eternal, doesn't always feel like it, but I have reason to hope at the moment.  I smell a change in the wind.  Autumn, season of noteable change, season of looking inwards and typically for us lots of potential change is on the horizon.  We've approached much change together Cliff and I.  Since we met ten years ago this Autumn we've ridden some big waves together, sometimes it feels like we're hanging on for dear life, but we're still together, but our roots intertwinned and strong.

Bed time stories outside, hot drinks and fresh air, mmmmm

Impromptu craft sessions, totally their idea

Street party ...

Gaia calls the mask her 'cat theatre'

Love this little world Zander created
And a mid-afternoon bath provided the relaxation they needed to drift peacefully to sleep for a while.

My new favourite recipe - peanut butter, seed, fruit and nut energy balls.

So there's our summer in pictures.

Much love and blessings bright X


  1. beautiful snippets of your family. I love the spidery moves.

  2. Those energy balls look seriously yummy!

  3. Hi,

    I have just discovered your blog, and I absolutely love it! Your little ones are beautiful , and I love the way you write. Will be coming back to read more !!
    Kimmy x

  4. Ah Mummy bear - I found I put on quite a few pounds after making several batches of those energy balls in as many days, far too moorish but as a treat now and then .... delicious! X