Thursday, 18 August 2011

Little Things

This post is nearly two weeks old, but I started so I'll finish ....

It's the little things this weekend that have bought me the most joy.  In amoungst the daily chaos which still exists within weekends there were a couple of occasions where I noticed the children independantly playing together, beautifully, conflict free and easy

And it's very much about dens at the moment. A couple of dinning room chairs, the table and a big old throw makes just the right sort of cosy little nook - and oh to be of the age where the seats of other chairs pushed up to the table makes a great upstairs bedroom - I remember being that small thinking these things are so big! What happened, where did time go? How can I be nearly 30 already?!

A tea party happened.  And as all of this was going on I got time to tidy,  then who knew ... tidying became a game!

Predictably though they eventually got up and deserted the game.  Some creative quick thinking was called for so I pointed out how much mess the teddy's and doll's had left after their tea party ... nothing a bowl of bubbly water and some sunshine can't sort, so out went little bear with a bowl full of dolls washing up to do.

We had our own tea party at the tipi - our only patch of mid-afternoon shade what a blessing we built it

I'm watching, watching how they syncronise with one another, watching where they take their inpiration from, watching co-operation in motion and trying not to step in at every disagreement that happens. 
I feel slightly relegated to the sidelines, I didn't know the time when they didn't need me to play with them would come so soon.  Yes there are bonuses to it, I now have some of that elusive tidying time back, but now I have it the tidying never seemed less important.
I want to still be involved in their play, now the challenge is to find new creative ways in which I can join them without stifling them.  It is a separation they have to start making I only I hope it is not selfish of me to still want a place to play amoungst them though.

Other little things that have warmed my heart this weekend....

                                                                     .....     Having the veg beds at the bottom of the garden instead of ten minutes down the road at the allotment is blissfull luxury.  To say 'dinners in the garden' brings me so much joy.  The feeling of resilience and non reliance on other people.  To be able to self medicate with herbs from my garden.  Fresh peppermint tea for little ones who confess tummy aches.

                            .... Snoozing with my babies.  I had the choice - wash floors and other glamourous things or lay down and snooze with the bears ... I snoozed and let their pure energy wash over me. 

R  e  j  u  v  a  n  a  t  i  n  g.

There's a september chill in the air already which feels a slightly premature it being the beginning of august.  But there's that feeling that comes with september, that feeling you can't put your finger on; familiar, makes the corners of your mouth curl upwards a little.  One of change - as the season will.  It's that feeling akin to starting a new school term - another out with the old and in with the new feeling - a second chance at new year and resolutions. 

A time to review the year passed (and how fast did it pass!) and cultivate hope for the future.  But then there's almost a feeling of fresh starts eight times a year as we celebrate the pagan wheel of the year - each new phase and anothers end gives this chance for reflexion and hope.  The wheel is perpetual, and as such maybe we shouldn't view the latter part of the year as the 'end' nothing is ending, it keeps on moving subtley shifting shape through the seasons.

Much love and blessings bright



  1. Your children are truly blessed to have a mum like you who knows when to leave them to play, in their imitation of all you do! It is a beautiful thing to see - children who know how to play. Well done1

  2. Thank you purple pear, I'm inspired by so many other Mamas though I could not possibly take all the credit! X