Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mummy Days

... you know what I mean, when the little ones are poorly so you keep them at home, yet once this decission is taken they seem to improve somewhat and you end up wondering if you've done the right thing?

Zander has been ill with a virus over the last 24 hours.  You know unmistakeably when your child is even a fraction hotter than usual.  Subtle but deffinite, does that make sense?  He hasn't eaten properly in a couple of days so I'm certain my instincts this time are correct.  I've done the right thing by taking the day off to care for him. 

Gentle healing time with this beautiful creature of mine

Healing through expression, healing with vitamin D...

 A subtle change in rhythm with a post lunch bath chilled him out even more.  He even fancied emptying the dishwasher and helping me hang washing out.  Think we needed this day just him and I.

My kids are so much more important than keeping up appearances at work but due to many things I've not been there much this month. I'm feeling a little conspicuous by my absence.

Benefit of the doubt.  My Mama most deffinitly subscribed to that.  I remember feeling off colour and out of sorts one school morning, nothing in particular.  She took me seriously, validated my feelings but gave it a little longer as we continued going through the motions of getting ready in case it turned out to be early morning blues.  She called it a little before going out time.  I stayed home with her that day.

Like all children at some stage, perhaps not physically sickening in any major way, I had a genuine inner need for reconnecting to her, with Mother energy and the security of home.  I think some healing on a deeper level needed to take place, my body-mind needed the time and it manifested physically in order for me and those around me to take notice and fascilitate.

And I distinctly remember getting up the next day feeling pretty chipper and ready to face the world again.

I want to always be able to fascilitate this healing time and space for my children as they grow up and go through school.  Not so easy when juggling an office job as well, but I will find a way.

We had festival fun at the weekend, Strawberry Fair was on Midsummer Common.  Ah yes, another chance to slip into that non-time I love so much!

We laughed and pulled funny faces as we danced and foolled about, playfully parenting.  Seeing old friends from distant times, loving the opportunity to show our little family off.

Craft time in the kids tent, which though an improvement on past years still has a little way to go.  Since we first did a festival with Zander at 14 months old I've fancied stepping up and running something for children and parents myself.  I sometimes fantasise over what the perfect family area would be like, imagine if I could provide that?!  How happy I'd be as a punter!  Maybe when my two are a little older...

Sunshine was kind, it was a glorious day.  We met up with dear friends under a big old Oak tree just outside the fair to escape the madness for a while and watched whilst the kids made each other laugh with toilet humour and of all things poking cow pats with sticks.  Life goes full circle as it reminded me of similar escapades in the countryside when we were children!

So a little warm up for our main event at the end of July ... The Secret Garden Party festival.  We can't wait as this will be some serious hanging out in non-time, five days to forget the real world exists.

Check out my boys imagination here!  He's made a story.  Something inspired by the forest kindergarten group we go to.  They collect natural bits and pieces to create a stage to set the story, these rainbow felt mice we made were so lucky to be sleeping on beds of fresh chamomile, fennel and cherries!

Then he tells a story using the props and previous stories as inspiration, I'm so glad he's playing these out at home too. A nod that his imagination is firing on all cylinders.  If there's no natural props to hand - if it's raining and we're inside, he creates story stages out of toys and whatever he can find inside.

Gaia kneads bread dough, my forever snotty angel!

    Cherries we foraged, love this season for all the free fruit.
    And Look!  Our first clutch of carrots...

Calm continued

Hope it does tomorrow also

Blessings counted! X


  1. Oooh lovely. I have acherry tree in the garden, but the berries never seem to make it to being big and ready to eat, I guess the birds are too hungry to wait. lol. Mind there's a few left so I'm hoping this year we might be able to pick a couple?

    Love mama instincts :-)

  2. Pick some if only to make cherry and honey cough syrup for the autumn/winter, nothing like it and the children will happily take it too! Everything has been a bit early this year with the dry warm weather, need to look out some cherry plums now too, even saw some figs up the road the other day :)

    Much love x x x

  3. Lovely, lovely. i do remember that need to connect to the matrix, and love when I see it happening with my own children. Beautiful days you have had - is it summer yet?

  4. Cherries look awesome! Lovely pics :) xxx