Sunday, 22 May 2011


Zander’s birthday was intimate and happy. He was so excited before he slept one more sleep! we said to one another as I tucked him up. I think I'd like to be four he said, I'd like longer legs.


 So I baked, and iced and hung balloons, streamers, gathered photo’s of him from the year just gone to stick on the walls around the dinning table, positioning presents and cards and I especially enjoyed sprinkling a generous helping of pixie dust over the whole lot, for added birthday magic!

Our gifts were a success!  I worried a lot about getting the right sort of gift as although there’s a list as long as his arm of things he thinks he wants – figures, lego, other bits of well marketed plastic ... and although I will embrace his interests I know for a fact that he doesn’t really play with toys.  So we got creative,  figuratively and literally.

.... a telescope, a giant box of craft supplies and a Starwars figure from us brought smiles and many happy hours of creating and playing.

we make a clay foot print every year, paint them, smoother them in glitter and hang them on the stairwell wall.  My little path of gradually growing footprints!

He loves role play, art and nature for sure and thus far my instinct has been proved correct. He's much more a doing person, he likes to let his imagination out on the rampage. 

And you know what - he does love that Obi-Wan Kenobi figure as it was just the one, amongst other beautiful gift rather than one of many similar gifts.  So it has it’s place and I love that my boy has revelled much in many new story books as well. 

We spent happy hours snuggled together reading and an afternoon in the sunny meadows near our house bird spotting with binoculars from Auntie Fi and having impromptu fun climbing on a fallen tree. I love that he hasn’t once mentioned anything else he’d thought he wanted before hand, he doesn’t feel hard done by for the lack of plastic tat (if he does he’s not saying!)

We’ve not had a clear enough night for the telescope yet  but when we do I’ll get a fire going in the garden take out blankets and hot chocolates so that we can make an occasion of watching the stars. The Orionids should pass soon for which I have similar plans, another family tradition in the making!
The house is now covered in glitter from the craft box, despite my best attempts to clean it off it is there as a semi-permanent reminder of Zander's fourth birthday.
I baked furiously that night again ready for the birthday picnic playdate.  The threat of rain saw us move locations to our house.  And it’s sods law that it didn’t rain all afternoon, in fact we seemed to be in a bubble of sunshine as the clouds circled round us.

The kids ate and played well, racing up and down with balloons on strings, pots of bubbles and frozen yoghurt pops. One beautiful moment I found them all sitting on the sides of the veg beds eating their yoghurt pop in complete silence.

One little girl told me it was more fun than the Funky Fun House or Cheeky Monkeys – that surely is a compliment from a four year old and proof that you don’t have to try and compete with other mothers, other parties, it can be the simplest of gatherings that gives rise to the most precious of afternoons.

Friendships were reaffirmed and new ones made. The littler ones played well with the bigger ones. As it was supposed to be at a play park I’d not prepared any games or themes yet they were still content and happy and us mummy’s even got a chance to talk too.
And a subtle change has taken place with Zande.  Although, he was disappointed to see his legs weren’t any longer on birthday morning he seems slightly calmer, more thoughtful. He’s growing up, he’ll be going to school next!
So four years into motherhood, wow.  Is it really that long?!  Many thoughts, hopes and aspirations but thats a whole other post ...

Blessings and peace x


  1. Such a beautiful post Rose. It feels so calming reading it and seeing the lovely photographs. What a special day indeed. Birthday blessings to you and Zander. xxx

  2. Sounds as if it was a lovely day. Some wonderful traditions! I love the idea of footprints up the stairs, and photos of the past year. Wishing Zander a wonderful year ahead. xx

  3. Beautiful, happy birthday Zander, enjoy being 4 x

  4. Happy birthday Zander.
    Such a beautiful day of memories, to add to the ones you already hold dear.


  5. What a lovely post, happy birthday beautiful zander :)
    I really love following your beautiful blog
    Blessings sue