Thursday, 7 April 2011

Starting out

So, here I am starting a blog.  I have spent a good year wondering if I should, spent many years following others and being utterly inspired by each story, each family. 

Although I sporadically keep a diary and have an enormous file of photo’s we don’t flick through half as much as we should, I want to record my journey through motherhood.  My learnings, my journey through my children’s lives, my children’s journey into & through life - all in one place – me my children and I.  I feel a little funny putting my family on a platform for all to see, but as our society plunges further into the technological age (dragging me kickin' and screamin’ most of the way!) I guess this format will be something they can pour over in years to come, at least I’d like to think they might.

So here we are.  Above all I LOVE my children.  More than they know, more than I can express.  Zander is ever-so-nearly-4 and Gaia ever-so-nearly-2.  I see myself reflected in them – the good and the not so good.  They are my greatest teachers. 
How the last few years have vanished.  I barely take time to remember Zander at Gaia’s age.  Yet when he was her age she was due imminently. Oh the moments I know I missed in the craziness of the early days of having a second child. 

I was once told that motherhood involved heaps of love and fun but also continuous worry and guilt.  I feel each of these on a daily basis for one reason or another and I often let guilt eclipse the fun when playing the days back in my head.  So I hope by gathering my thoughts, our experiences and lessons here - peppered with photographs reminding me of all the fun we have had, I will re-member our time together in a positive and celebratory light.

Now I have to get to grips with personalising this space I've just created!  So bare with my technophobe self!

Bright Blessings X


  1. Ah, welcome to the world of Mummy Blogging. :)
    Your babes are beautiful. :D

    Have fun!


  2. Have fun on your blogging journey x

  3. Lovely blog Rose! I can't believe your baby girl is already 2!! It seems only months ago that you posted the news of her birth. Blogging is such a good way to hold on to those precious moments. xx

  4. Thank you! You have all inspired me to give it a go, enjoying the ride so far. X

  5. Ok, now I have the answer to my question in the latest post ;-)