Friday, 8 April 2011

Instinctively Healing

I've been ill the last couple of days.  Having spent a few weeks playing nurse maid to everyone else it's my bodies turn to say 'take a break, look after yourself'.  So I'm at home - hence how come I've found some time to start this blog, it has literally saved me from day time TV which I am eternally greatful for! 

When the children returned from the childminders yesterday I was greated with hugs and smiles.  Zander proclaimed he preffered me being ill at home because he got to see me earlier than if I was working (usually their Dad collects them at 3.45 whilst I work on till 6).  He asked me if I'd like some teddies to make me feel better which he scooped off his bed instantly and brought to me - including the teddy I had as a child.  He asked if I would like a massage and although his massages amount to a gentle tickle on the back the thought and gesture were there and beautiful (his Dad could learn great things from him!)
My beautiful Gaia lifted me simply with her pressence and her smile.  She snuggled close to me all evening and just putting my arm round her and gazing into those sky blue diamond eyes of hers sent waves of calm over me.

It dawned on me that my children, ones children even, are born with an aura that naturally lifts you and goes some way to healing you, certainly on a spiritual level.  They heal with their love which they do not control.  Unconditional love at it's best ... I could learn great things from them.

I'm blessed.


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