Thursday, 14 April 2011

Free Spirits

                                                 Hot chocolate to warm little tums first thing.  
By 8.30 yesterday morning the sumptuous smell of banana bread baking billowed through the house teasing our tummies whilst we tidied.  I hate to be confined to the pokey work top by myself.  Instead I spread everything out on the big kitchen table, we don our aprons and the kids get mashing and mixing. 

Zander requests to crack the eggs now he is bigger but he’s not entirely sure about the eggy mess he finds on his hands after. 

Friends came and played and bought fresh eggs from their clever hens, cheese and herb omlettes for lunch!  You know when you’ve eaten something fresh and oh-so-good – like eating veggies straight out the garden, yum!

Instead of quiet time and napping we went out after lunch.  There’s a farm shop just up the road from us so I biked us up there.  The children loved the pigs, goats, runner ducks and chickens – oinking and clucking along with them.

                                     Swathes of forget-me-not blue await me outside my front door.

                                                       Peeking at his freckles in a sculpture.  

I loved the garden centre and came away with Echinacea for the garden and a big punnet of strawberries - most of which were devoured on the way back.  When I got off my bike at home two little cheeky faces covered in scarlett strawberry juice grinned back at me.

I loved that one of the volunteers in the shop entertained the children whilst I finished flapping over my choices.  No-one minded that they ran wild like the free spirits they are, giggling all the way.  This happened in the Urban Larder on Saturday too.  The two ladies behind the till delighted in my little imps; encouraged them to play with the toys for sale, didn’t mind when Zander stuffed a handful of dried porcini in his mouth and offered them a free cake.  I smiled.

Zander once told me ‘I’m just a boy who needs to do what he wants to do’  You can't fault his logic.  Beyond keeping him safe how can I argue with that?

I always keep an eye and make sure they are not damaging anything or anyone but beyond that I don’t try and control them to be seen and not heard for the sake of others.  When someone else embraces what I’m doing, like today and saturday, my faith in human nature is restored and I feel supported by the wider community.  After all the old saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’….

That was yesterdays bliss, today I’ve been at work ….

... which was less blissfull.  But the time I spent with my children between getting home and putting them to bed was.  I am trying to be more playful and connecting in my parenting and I happen to know pluto is in my sign at the moment bringing deep change ... I think I feel a shift ... so here's hoping.

Bright blessings x


  1. sounds like a lovely day. i love our local shop like that too! so nice when people help you out when you are stressed and under pressure!

  2. Lovely days, and lovely pictures x
    It's always so nice to see free spirits embraced.

  3. Lovely photos :)
    I am always striving to be a more joyful connected parent so hear you so much on this. I never have a perfect day but try to see bad moments as just that 'moments', and then each moment can be the place to start afresh and reconnect. I am struggling with late pregnancy grumpy-tiredness right now too, so have to work extra hard at it all!
    Thank you for sharing xx
    Gina xx

  4. Late pregnancy is hard and you have three little imps running round you already! Your book recommendations are helping me steer myself in better directions so thank you, happy sunday! X

  5. What lovely photo's of a beautiful family. The special days together are all the more so when punctuated by separation. It is the hours I spend away from my little ones that make me so mindful of the need to enjoy every moment with them, no matter if our aims for the day are so different at times!
    Now why have I never come across your blog before?

  6. You are right. When I am at work I hear louder the things my heart knows I should do for my children. I hear it clearer, almost, for them not being there. And recently I have started being so much more mindful of each moment ... I was going to write about that next as it goes ... X X X