Monday, 11 April 2011

Forgivings, flowers and scrubbing floors by hand

We've been out today! Picnicking and playing in the sunshine with friends.

I intended to bake all the bread and goodies for the picnic fresh but instead spent the first half of the morning on my knees scrubbing the now beyond disgusting playroom and kitchen floors! (I don't always do it this way - I had forgotten to buy a new mop head. I think the floor actually got a better clean this way though!)

I am not perfect by any means and will never pretend that I am so I hold my hands up here and say I shouted this morning. Bogged down in a lot of post-illness-housework-back-log I felt a bit stranded in it all. But my beautiful boy shone through the haze and rescued me from myself, simply, telling me he understood why I was upset.

Replaying this in my head just now to my shock he left it at that. He validated my feelings. He did not ask anything of me. He didn't ask me to stop being angry or upset, he didn't tell me I was wrong. And you know what ... it worked. I pulled myself together and told him I was sorry for being a crappy mummy this morning. He told me that was alright, he accepted my apology. And we moved on.
This is exactly what I am trying to achieve myself with him at the moment. The very thing I've been reading about in the book I'm reading at the moment. Once again I am reminded my children are my greatest teachers. My son is teaching me how to parent. Not only this but I notice frequently how forgiving of me he is.

I can't believe my little girl is nearly two. She is now so able. She wanted to do everything her big brother did today ... the climbing frame, the pirate boat, the high assault-course-scramble-net-type-thing (do you know the ones I mean?!) Of course I'm happy that she found some time to sit with her Mama and play with the delights of spring too!  One of our favourite things to do when there's a few minutes need filling is lie on our backs side by side watching clouds and vapour trails in the sky.

And it is so nice to watch Zander make random friends in the park in the relatively short space of time we are there. I have to chuckle ... it's funny how it's always the older blonde girls he befriends first! He shared his secret with me today ... he picks them by deciding which of them has the nicest name.

                                Thirsty work.  I am loving my boys sun kissed befreckled cheek bones
                                            at the moment, though sadly you can't see them here.

Love & sunshine X


  1. sounds like a lovely day! my dd2 follows dd1 around everywhere too and i cant believe she is going to be 2 in a month either! where did the time go? x

  2. Our little ones turn two at almost the same time don't they! It has gone far too quickly but I am now in the habit of CONSCIOUSLY gazing at them - as we did when they were babies and drinking in their beauty at every opportunity :) X

  3. yes Rose, Lucy ill be two on 20th May! these younger years are so precious. Emily goes to school in September, as does your little boy doesnt he?

  4. Hi Rose,
    Your blog is lovely, love the header picture and font, it looks beautiful:) So nice to catch a glimpse of your lovely family enjoying the spring sunshine too :)
    Gina xx

  5. :) hello! Thank you, I hope the sunshine has been paying you and your family some attention too. Much love X

  6. Lovely, I like Zander's secret to making friends x