Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bank Holiday Bliss

Four day weekend, what a treat! All I could think of as I left work on Thursday was the exciting prospect of spending all that extra precious time with my family! And we’ve been so very busy and happy!

Much has been achieved in the garden – I sowed a lawn at the front of our house almost 2 years after we moved in! Which in this heat has drunk as much water as I have cared to throw at it this weekend and the ground still looks parched and unloved. More veg planted in the veg beds and another herb patch has sprung up unplanned. There are just too many damn herbs I need for culinary and remedial uses. I love that my garden is a mish mash of flowers, herbs, fruit, veg (... and weeds) and in no particular order either. It is organised chaos and I can’t deal with any more organisation than that!

And my favourite site of all ... cloth nappies drying in the sunshine.

Easter morning started with breakfast and chocolate eggs. I am not religious.  Spiritual but not religious.  Before we had the kids we focused on the pagan festivals, which would be Ostara this time of year, spring equinox. But with the children we are extending the celebration of the season and blending both spring equinox and mainstream easter celebrations. I think it would be unfair on the children if we omitted them completely as all their peers at nursery and in our social circle and the rest of our close family will be celebrating together. 

 The kitchen fairy, cleaning up the baking....
We could have chanced the farmers market being open as usual but instead we stayed home, baked olive bread and had an impromptu dance off!...

‘put something funky that I can dance to on’ sounded like a challenge to me!

Now I used to have my CD’s arranged in genre (I have hundreds!) so I could go find what I wanted to play instantly. I haven’t been through them since we had building work done last year and everything got moved. Everything is higgledy piggledy and I can’t find shit! I put something unarguabley funky on …

‘this ain’t funky Mum’ came a cheeky little voice.

If that wasn’t funky then this boys funk-o-meter isn’t working I thought! I persevered until we were all bouncing and swirling, jumping and making shapes, pulling faces and laughing hard.  We made up new moves and even danced lying down. Invigorating! Cathartic! Joyful!

An impromptu picnic happened later that afternoon, in dreamy sunny meadows by the river.

I love impromptu, you don’t have to plan or factor baking time in, you just grab what you’ve got and head out! What followed was an afternoon full of sun drenched moments, moments that I dreamt raising a family would be like.


 We gelled so well - all of us giggling, piggy backing, playing football and chasing. I know I fed off it and you know what made the biggest difference? Me being playful with Cliff as well as with the kids - which itself is something I am re-learning how to do right now.

I have realised how serious I have become. Serious with my children, serious with Cliff, serious with myself. Enough already I have to be done with serious! It was a revelation to be clowning about.


Gaia moseyed off down the river bank, as is her way. Many many minutes were spent climbing over the kissing gate.  But even though she started out in the prettiest of sandals ...

... they were soon discarded in favour of barefoot wandering. Thats my girl.

Barefoot over lush green grass, barefoot over course exfoliating gravel, barefoot over thistles even, accidentally, but ouch! 


... We found a Rabbit Hole...

Zander was keen to swim in the river as he’d seen adults doing so. Although I love the idea of us all swimming in rivers and lakes this mama said no as right now I think we are too young, but he did his best at getting as close to the edge of the bank as possible to freak me out … throwing sticks in and demanding their retrieval!

Monday we drove to Wimpole Hall Farm in the afternoon, where walking the long way through the trees and the estate from the car park to the farm seemed more fun for the children than the actual farm itself. I sometimes wonder why we pay to get in places when they are perfectly happy with a wood and some undergrowth!

  'I big now' Gaia proclaimed, insisting she walks everywhere.  Bumbling through wilting daffodils and through the Gaia size gaps in random fencing, picking up feathers and leaves.

I am still awestruck by non-time that children seem to run on. They have no constraints, time for everything, they are living in real time, blissfully unaware of the passing seconds. It is amazing how much fun they created out of the journey - the things they noticed and repeated over and over for the fun and for the learning.

Zander collected myriad sticks pretending they were guns – turning them on unsuspecting passers by! All the while dressed as a Transformer, Optimus Prime I believe. I tried to coax him out of the full length nylon cat suit before we left but he was having none of it. In the end I thought hell if he wants to be a transformer who am I to tell him he should wear shorts and a T shirt? Individuality.


Zander and I made a toilet stop. As we walked back out into the sunshine we saw Daddy & Gaia underneath a cherry tree heavy with pink blossom and surrounded by a carpet of the fallen pink petals. More fell like confetti in the breeze. What an image to etch, it was like one of those stylized Japanese art house movies where the colours are accentuated beautifully. A timeless moment, but Gaia is too fast and my new camera too slow to catch that particular one … I do like this one though … I caught Zander sitting Zen like at the bottom of the cherry tree.


Sweet Dreams X


  1. That does sound truly blissful. Glad you had a fantastic long weekend. Do you get to repeat it again this next weekend?

    I love thar picture of Gaia looking down the rabbit hole. Such precious moments.

  2. What a lovely weekend you have had! really special time with your family. And the weather has been amazing hasn't it!

    what a beautiful post!

  3. Such lovely happy photos :)

    I love times like that, when the days just flow and you have many joyful moments without trying.

    Gina xxx